WOW Notes

I actually played quite a bit this weekend, and WOW was one of the games I played.  I got all my girls through Darkmoon Faire.  I ran the race with everyone, getting nailed by new floating “Mini-Zeps” which are level 100 teeny zeppelins that sail over to you and slow you down mightily.  I just couldn’t seem to avoid them.

Since I don’t always keep up on patch notes, I noticed, but didn’t try till my last character an all new track that is at the left of the original.  Holy Moleans Rocky.  I was so unprepared for the track.  I got lost pretty quickly and was up and down the hillside and swimming through the water watching the tolls of the bell just go bong bong bong. 

I will make sure I have some Elixir of Water Walking with me next time.  Cone of shame city. I tried to just end the race by making my way back to the start but the race wasn’t having any of that. Bong bong bong!  Finally I went through the banners as they wanted me to and I could end it all. Man.

New this time around also were prizes for doing the races.  Randomly I got mostly Darkmoon Prize Tickets, but I also picked up a Stationary Carousel Gryphon Ride that you could place for three minutes (but I didn’t because…my precious…).   Good thing I have 11 characters I could run through because I really liked the possibility of getting an interesting prize and would have sent a single character through over and over to see what you could get if it were allowed (which it isn’t you only get the prize first on the run through).

I see in the PTR Patch Notes they’re bringing in a Whack-a-Mole game to the Faire and some potions, NEW FISH! and…I thought I saw cooking recipes…

Darkmoon Faire

  • New Darkmoon Potions: A new set of Darkmoon potions can be purchased for one Darkmoon Prize Ticket from the Draughts and Tinctures vendor, Faldar Willowshade at the refreshments table.
  • Darkmoon Fishing: The elusive Darkmoon Daggermaw can now be caught off of the shores of Darkmoon Island. Return them to Galissa Sundew at the docks for a variety of prizes.

Also highly of interest to me is the opening of the Tanaan Jungle area and missions which will get you a Shipyard for your Garrison where you could have a SUBMARINE among other ships.  So exciting!  As my niece would say: Want!

The Darkmoon Faire Race

I’ve run the race with varying characters a few times now.  It can be a little addicting to try to beat your time.

I’d like to have some in race screenshots, but I’m driven, if I may say so, to try to beat the race and myself so, no can do.

That said, I can’t get better than the Leadfoot Achievement (15 tolls).  I lack boldness is my suspicion. Need to brave some of those jumps and electrical stun wires.

I see other people bypassing some of the banners to save time no doubt, but I’m used to racing games requiring you to go through all of those banners. 

Some people are getting 11 Tolls which gives them the Roadhog Achievement.

Look at this woman, she gets it and clearly misses going under two banners.

Darkmoon Faire Raceway: Maybe Next Time

Too bad the Raceway didn’t make it to the live game. It was in Beta down in the Boardwalk area and went out over the water then swung back inland.  There were Power Ups and Ramps and it was all just zip zip zip.

Apparently it interfered with hunting Moonfang.

I wish they had just built a causeway out to the track over the ocean, perhaps so it could have its own space.  It was very cool.