Rift: Adventures of An Addict

A nice comment I didn’t see right off on my Kestrel’s Cry frozen ravine post.   She has a really nice Rift blog called  Rift: Adventures of An Addict with pictures of her own sumptuously decorated dimensions.   There is hope. She says I can buy buildings, I don’t need to piece them together board by board.   I did loot one and put it in Kestrel’s Cry but there are no doors, and the snow and wind just whistle in.

There are all sorts of nice tips along the sidebar too.   Too cool.

And she understands about the snow in Kestrel’s Cry.   Go away, snow.

Rift adventures of an addict

How to Make Your Kestral’s Cry Ravine All Snuggly

After I wrote that last night I did look up decorating tips for the ravine.  This is indeed your chance to use those building blocks and strange planks you’ve been accumulating in the bank.

Here, from Better Homes and Dimensions and the wonderfully named Stylish Radish (!)  you can see a cabin she created for a dwarf friend.

rift dimensions kestral 1


And here, from Rift Dimension Addicts a nice video tutorial showing how to use the Rift Dimension Building tools.  He makes all the X Y Axis, copy/paste, choose 1080 or 13 or just pop your eyes out of your head and STOP THE MATH… sound almost reasonable.

I’ll try, and who knows if I can’t do it maybe my mathematical spouse (everyone should own one) will give it a shot since he dreams about numbers and he doesn’t wake up screaming from doing so as we mere mortals do.

Lesson learned, don’t spend anymore hard earned plat on these empty holes of a dimension if I can’t build in them.

Rift: Kestrel’s Cry Ravine Oops

I should have looked this one up!  This is it! No house no campfire nada but cold snow and whistling winds which I am seeing enough of these days, thanks!  I suppose I am supposed to use my non-existent building block skills here to make a cozy place.  Hahahahaha.   40 plat. ouch.

kestrels cry ravine


I have been questing alternating with Instant Adventures.   Plat rolling in. Joking.  Oh well, I’ll research the next one first.  On the plus side I have a giant bridge sized log that doesn’t fit in my homey Breach Chamber that would look da bomb here.