EQ 2 Double XP Weekend

I’ve been playing my Mage a bit this weekend to take advantage of the double  XP, but though she is fun to play, my experience bar is crawling and I’ve only gained half a level.

For me this is an example of why you don’t want to play free to play games except as a very casual thing.  If this were a subscription game, you wouldn’t need to even think about all the ways in which your progress is stopped/slowed/hindered, you would just play.
 If a large portion of players thought progression was slow the company would go in and tweak it. The thinking there is make the game enjoyable for players.  
In “free to play” every effort of development seems to be aimed at thinking of all of the things players enjoy in a game then you get them to pay for it piecemeal.  It’s as if there isn’t an overall philosophy, but a very segmented one.
Your Sunday morning blah blah.