What to Pack for that Dungeon Crawl

So, you’ve reached level 15 and you want to test out your skills in the dungeons, eh?  It will be much easier for you if you go in prepared.

1.  Know the role of your class in a dungeon.  I like the guides in MMO Melting Pot.  They say what to wear, which skills to use when, what to loot that will help you, how you can keep from dying and taking your companions with you.  There are specific class guides we’ll get to, but it is a good place to start.

2.  Make sure you train up any available skills and put them on your toolbar, rearranging as needed.  No use buying the skill if you forget you have it.

3.  Spend your talent points.  I’ve come to like the advice on builds at WOW Popular.

4.  If you are close to leveling up (within a box or so) finish leveling before entering the queue.  If you level while in the queue you may be kicked from your group (by the game) or simply dropped out of the queue.

5. Try to go in with a nice set of nearly empty sacks.  Sometimes you don’t pick up much (especially if you land in the middle of a dungeon already in progress) but sometimes you get a boat load. You don’t want to be paying attention to your inventory bags and deciding what to toss while everyone runs ahead or everyone dies.  It can happen fast!

6. Make sure your preferred weapon is equipped. It is easy to go in with your fishing pole equipped.  Another potentially deadly mistake.

7. Get a Tabard for the city of your choice.  The Quartermaster who sells them is usually near the gryphons.  You earn extra reputation while in the dungeon and it can go towards the city of your choice rather than just randomly.  Make sure to put it on before you go in or you will not gain the extra.

8. Be up to date on First Aid and put the bandages on your toolbar.  You can use First Aid to heal yourself or another person between fights.

9.  Eat Foods.  If you do cooking or know someone who does, many player made foods add to your stats for a time as well as healing you.  Alternating Foods and First Aid can really help keep you going.

10.  Carry Health Potions.  The healer will be trying to keep everyone going but sometimes slugging back a potion in just the nick will save you for another fight.  They can be used in combat, but have a cooldown so keep the First Aid and Foods in mind.

11.  If you have mana, carry mana potions.  They share a cooldown with Health potions, but can be used in combat and they will keep you going.  Many foods add stamina and spirit for a 15 minute period so again, EAT.

12.  Armor Kits made by Leatherworkers permanently add to the stats of your hands, feet, legs and chest.  Keep a set handy so you can swap out a new armor piece in the dungeon and enhance it right away.

13. Sharpening stones are made by blacksmiths.  They add to your damage, not much, but everything I’ve mentioned here in combination with these boosts your survivability.

14.  Use Scrolls to enhance your stats.  They are temporary (about 30 minutes) but they enhance your stats significantly.  Note some count as a Battle Elixir and some as Guardian Elixirs.  You may have one Battle Elixir and one Guardian Elixir active at a time, so use both!

Happy dungeon crawling!