Weekly Roundup, Yee Hah!

weekly roundup

Dungeons and Dragons

I have always wanted to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons, the tabletop game.  This week I had the chance.  I can see the appeal, it is pure imagination and making things up as you go along.  I was distracted by other things and the mathematical nature of it wasn’t so appealing, but other than that, way cool.  I chose a warrior as I often do in a new game because they’re simple and effective fighters and you can learn all the other game elements as you mindlessly whack away.  It turns out my guy was a bit too mindless, and boring and he had no moves.  The Cleric and the Wizard had a billion things they could try out but my thuggish boy was a mere lump who was flanked over and over by goblins.  Suckerbite warrior.

dungeons and dragons

Final Fantasy

I keep reading lately how awesome Final Fantasy is and ooh ah you should play.  I feel the twitch to leap in but nooo.  Have too much else to do maybe later.

final fantasy

World of Warcraft

Big update week.  I’m enjoying reading the forums.  Timeless Isle, which I recall from a Wow Insider post as being some place where you happily wandered around FREE AS A BIRD, la la la, seems to be peeving people to no end.  PVP people have puny gear compared to PVE people somehow.  Ganking rules apparently.  Doesn’t sound any too interesting.

I’m more interested in rounding out my characters, leveling all their tradeskills.  See me roar.  My level 90 is slowly working her way along through Archaeology.  I tell myself I should try to complete the quests in each area while I’m there, (for the Loremaster Achievement) but I haven’t the patience.  They did a small change to Archaeology and a little status bar for the Digsite lets you know how many of the six relics you’ve found.  I could be wrong but the icons for the relics look more colorful and spiffed up.  Who needs to go to Timeless Isle and get pounded when you can float through ruins getting cute relics?


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