EQ Report

I was just going to write about my Ratonga Paladin on Tuesdays, but then I created a couple of other Ratongas and well, I find myself switching between my characters.

My sister does this leveling thing where she plays each character five levels and she can level pretty fast.  I try to do that but I do get charmed with the way things are going for a particular character.

In the case of EQ2 my Ratonga Wizard has sailed along to level 10.  She is so much fun to play.  I don’t like long fights and she sort of zap zaps everything so pleasingly.

I got my Paladin to level 8 tonight in Dyer Mycoria, a cave full of Mushroom People with invading goblins.  I really don’t like caves as an environment and am even less a fan of goblins.

The Paladin is definitely a tank.  She takes forever to take down an enemy by my standards, but they don’t do much damage to her.  Maybe it is one of those situations where a different rotation would help but then again most of her skills are for threat generation so hmmpf.

My Defiler is at level 12 and has been mouldering in Timourous Deep for a bit.  The area has a pleasant south seas type aura to it.  Since acquiring a Spirit Wolf, she seems better in a fight than at first.  She has this message that her inventory is overflowing but she is only carrying six items, has an empty backpack, nothing in any bank or other place. I don’t know what the deal is.

My final Ratonga is a level 5 Ranger.  She can stealth which is usually a roguish ability, but it makes sense for a woodsmouseperson to be able to sneak without being seen.   I like her so far.  She looks like a little chipmunk in her helm.  She is at the beginning of the Darklight Woods area in the quaint town of Hate’s Envy.

This area, Darklight Woods, seems to be popular and is packed with people at all hours.  It’s like a different game from the other starter areas where you might see one or two people now and then.