Elder Scrolls Online: Here, Kitteh Kitteh

Tuesday is ESO day.

Except for an early play through of Morrowind, I always play a Khajiit in Elder Scrolls.  That tail, swaying in the breeze!  That adorable cat face!  Love my kitty cat cat cat.

I wanted my Khajiit to specialize in Bow as a weapon.  She’s a Nightblade Assassin with her bow specialty.  She isn’t intrinsically built to be a powerhouse, she’s built to be my adventurer in Tamriel. 

This may explain why just about every quest chain she does ends with a level 11 Boss with Adds!!!!  that I can’t defeat.   I’ve been thinking about this and I think it is a poor idea to even have a solo quest chain at such a low level even have a Boss, let alone one with adds.  But it is what it is.

I’ve been trying to read up on builds and rotations and just simply combat.  It seems clear I don’t understand how I should be playing this character to be most effective.  If my choices are the flaw, and the flaws are so great at this really low level, then something is wrong.  It shouldn’t be possible to make such a completely bad character build.

Part of what I’ve had trouble getting my head around is, I have Assassination skills that are melee and I haven’t a melee weapon equipped.  I found out last night though, that it doesn’t apparently matter, those skills still work and they made random fights end more quickly and in my favor.

So I re-did my toolbar of active skills with a mix, not just bow skills, and fights went far far better.  I’ll have to go test one on one of those bosses.

Like this guy who killed me in 2 seconds flat last night.  I bet I can take him now.  Roar!

I got discouraged after yet another bad Boss fight, and started wandering around.  Bemoaning my quest log and the like 5 quests now that ended in death and ignominious defeat of the worst kind.  There was a vague plan to look for more quests or just random things to kill to level up.  I found a ghost ship with level 10 ghosts.  Two bozos showed up out of nowhere and started killing my guys.  Sigh.

Also along the shoreline I found this pretty Khajiit.  I would have hugged him but don’t know how to in ESO.  Love M’aiq.

 Pouring over my quest log, I found that the Prophet wanted to talk to me at the Harborage.  Yo, a few ez points.  Nope he had a solo instance for me to go and save Lyris, the poor woman who sacrificed herself early on to free him from the clutches of Molag Bal.   I wasn’t about to pass up a chance to assuage my guilt at leaving her behind, so with my newly rearranged skills in hand, in I went.  Though I hate that both of them call me “Vestige” like I’m a greasy old rag.  Call me Hero, if you would.

 One of the skills that a Khajiit specializes in that I don’t think to use much is stealth.  I decided to practice my sneakiness in the Foundry.

I made it handily through the instance.  I have much more confidence now.  I’ll test it next time on my nearest previous failed Boss.

Feeling rather beat up after all my adventures, I decided to stay in town for the night, curling up in the flowers as a kitteh likes to do.  Spot the Khajiit for 5 points!

Before I head out again I’m going to try to do some cooking and potion making, it could help.