Crafting, Dungeoneering and Wandering

Even More Elder Scrolls

I worked on Crafting Writs for my Khajiit today.  The Clothier ones went well, but I’m out of Moonstones for her motifs, and no other character has more.  I’m stuck till I find more.

Still and all, it’s fun to be able to pick up everything I come across again, except…a few inventory problems, and the bank runneth over.  It is 6, 800 gold to buy new bank slots and you only get TEN for that.  Yowza.  And the cost just goes up for each set of ten you buy.

None of my characters has that, so I set another character to learning the Alchemy/Enchanting/Provisioning set of crafts and I’ll have her use the many plants I’ve picked up to make potions.  I’m hoping that eases the bank space.

The Khajiit is still the one who will have all the crafts, so she can make furniture.   I’m impressed by the money and XP, just actual XP that is getting her bow skills upgraded as she crafts, for instance.

Now that the others are in the mix, I need to really look at good builds for them.  I’m not quite happy with anyone but the Dragonknight, whom we shall call Ms. Perfecto.

World of Warcraft

My Rogue was up today.  Drustvar and a run through the Shrine of Storms dungeons netted her a ton of leatherworking ingredients.  So many dead piggies and wolves laying around everywhere waiting to be skinned.

I am getting weary of the Freehold, Waycrest, and Shrine of the Storms dungeons.  I’ve just been through them too many times.  They need a lot more dungeons.  Pronto.

Though the leveling is the same for all the Seven, there’s still one at 111, the others are 112 and 113.  It seems as if they should be more equal.

I’m keeping up with the war campaign, grabbing any treasures I see in the world, and sending out Followers on new missions as each characters “turn” ends.   I pick Reputation quests every time because nothing slays me like a reputation grind.  I want any point I can get anywhere.

Elder Scrolls Online Getting Crafty

Because I love my fierce little Dark Elf Dragonknight so much, I decided on a character to be a crafter.  Yup, DK becomes the Main.

Because Medium Armor will help the DK a great deal, my Khajiit, whose fighting skills are murky, is now CraftCat.

I started with Tailoring, and while the crafting seems a bit complex, I’m ready to try it out.

I found two guides that look like they’ll be helpful.

I thought the Writ person in game also did a nice tutorial.   I’ve a bank stuffed with gathered materials, and I had to stop gathering because it was overfull.  Now that I’m using materials, I can happily pick every plant and mine every node once more.