Adventures in Murkmire

Couldn’t wait.  I took my level 12 Argonian to Murkmire via the Caravan in Davon’s watch.  It is  a gorgeous environment.   The bugs, though.  Like giant mosquitos that split into a swarm of new mosquitos.  Crocodiles.  River trolls.

I love the Argonians.  They’re gorgeous.  I want my character to look like these.

Right off upon arrival, you get drawn into going on an expedition with a group of npcs, which I thought was a fun idea.  They were of course useless in fights.

We’re off to a xanmeer, which seems a bit like your own personal dungeon, only there aren’t any treasures to be had, not even much in the way of urns or barrels to loot.

A basic lever puzzle

The River Troll was definitely beyond me.  Here’s where I started to sneak.  I don’t sneak nearly enough.  Must. Sneak. More.

I had an odd desire to step on the pressure plate to see what happened.

I was not tempted to test out the giant metal trap.  Ouch.
Pretty great place, Indiana Jones would have liked it, except for the lack of real treasure.

I can’t believe I didn’t take a shot of the Ixtaxh Something-Or-Other, Giant Green and Gelatinous.  Sheesh.  You’ve got to lure him onto fire traps without getting burned yourself, while dodging him and mini-hims he tosses at you.

I’m currently helping some nice colorful Argonians with a bit of egg trouble.

As part of that I’ve entered the Blight Bog Sump.   Things were going pretty well till I hit a boss guy.   That was a quick death.  Don’t you love how they show you boom boom boom how you got killed.

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