I am in Love: Skywind

A version of the beloved Morrowind using the Skyrim engine!  So beautiful.  I love the music in the trailer.   A volunteer effort, these guys need to be crowned king.


I can’t get the video to embed, but ah, click the link.

The Making of Skywind I  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJwpaVwOaHM

Making of Skywind  II    http://youtu.be/uJwpaVwOaHM

Elder Scrolls

Ever since trying out the Elder Scrolls online in their open beta I have been thinking of returning to the real Elder scrolls worlds, those rich stories, those incredible environments.


I have Windows 7 and apparently my Game of the Year Edition of Morrowind despises Windows 7 or vice versa.  I read a variety of trouble shooting tips, none of which worked.  I got a music error and a font error that just froze the screen.  😦   

In desperation to play I cleared space on my utilitarian laptop with Windows XP and loaded it there and so far it works.  Looks awful but my imagination will have to fill in the blanks.


This is my all time favorite game.  It freezes the computer at dialogue boxes galore and forces a reboot.  Also looked at tips here and finally got it to work a bit playing as admin.  I saved the game every inch and got further in the sewers than in numerous previous attempts.  Finally had to give up for the day.   Posts online say the Steam version also freezes.  Doh.


I have played little of Skyrim and for some reason just did not care for it.  Still, it feeds the Elder Scrolls beast does it not.

Annoyingly to me, I had to log into Steam and update Steam and verify my address and account blah blah blah before I could play.  This, padawan, is why I just want my other games to work, so it is just me and my game world, no intrusion or demand for proof of anything before I immerse myself in the character and the world.

Defiantly I just struck out with my character across the landscape.  I wanted to use a long sword and some magic (which I haven’t used much in the past).  I dispatched some bandits at one location and found a nice cache of treasures in their little tower.  Then I moved on and came to a temple whose name I can’t recall.  Bandito city but my fireballs and sword proved too much for them.  Scum puppies.

I don’t care for Skyrim’s bleak snowy landscapes, but inside the chambers of a tomb or temple it is pure Elder Scrolls so I’ll get my fix here after all, and hope that Morrowind continues to function on my laptop.  I will find a way to get Oblivion going, I WILL.

Last note:  I created a Breton in Morrowind and Oblivion with the same name and somewhat the same skillset to try out a true magic character for the first time (usually I go Warrior).  If I can get them working it will be fun to explore the new class/race combo.