Guild Wars 2: a Beginning

Long download to get the game up and running.  Tons of options in character creation.  I chose an Elementalist with Fire as my specialty.


new char 2


I may not have made the best selections in my character traits, but I just wanted to try it out and chose what I liked.

The intro is in a very interesting art style, like Japanese cut paper.  You’re in a dream sequence with lots of helpful tooltips to help you move along.  As you move out of the dream sequence things are still in a watercolor wash.  Perhaps other starting areas are sharper.

In the forest


That’s my girl on the left.  Rather tree-like and ropy with not the best wardrobe.  Note at character creation she is wearing a foofy colorful dress.  I guess she has to grow into something more charming.  Hair turned out odd.  May have to stick a helmet on her at the first opportunity.