Let’s Talk About The Epeen-O-Meter and Other Add-Ons for WOW

Rough times in the dungeons these days. Everyone and their Alt seem to be leveling their characters to 90 by Hook or Dungeon Crook. I’m doing the same.
Currently I’m working between several with my Warrior being the out front of the pack leveler. I need her Blacksmithing and Mining skills big time.


Add-Ons are not something I use, and I have never used them. I ask people I know who do, what they use, and what it does for them out of curiosity and still see no reason to use them.

If every person in the dungeons except me is using them, then doh, even more reason not to use them. I am not seeing, except in rare groups, anyone playing much better than everyone else. Some groups, everyone plays well. Maybe one in ten groups at any given level.

Do you ever wonder if the developers take into account how Add Ons will be used when they make changes to the game? Do they not bother much refining some features or skills because they know an Add On will compensate? Do they go seemingly overboard on some changes to counteract what an Add On will do?

The most pervasive Add On is Recount. This displays everyone’s damage and is always displayed by the person who came out on top in the rankings. With my Rogue and Shaman I cringe to see it. They are my lowest levels for a reason.

The Official Epeen-O-Meter!

I have noticed with my Hunter reaching 85 and my Warrior and Paladin in the 70s that the counts don’t tend to get posted. I take it they sort of ruin the whole I am Da Uber thing for the puny boys and girls who need constant feedback regarding their greatness.