Game Notes July 12, 2019

My post yesterday will prepare you for today’s visit to the Epic Store.

I have been following the arrival of Heavy Rain to PC. I thought it seemed like a pretty excellent detective story.

I asked my son who knows me if he thought I’d be able to play it or was it too scary? It’s just a good thriller, he said, and it’s a walking simulator so it’s not so scary. I am not a fan of the whole walking simulator idea. I just have this picture of someone slogging along like they’re walking through mud really slowly. I know the game I played last summer (which I can’t recall the name of at the moment) was one. It didn’t bother me in that way, but I didn’t recover from the whole winding cave sequence and haven’t been back.   Maybe this fall when I’m not outside so much.


While I’m at it, the Epic Store also has Sinking City whose development I’ve been following.  Definitely scary, and not for those who have a fear of drowning.


Also, not yet released, but the Outer Worlds is looking very good.  A little Fallout, a little Bioshock?


Perhaps Sherlock Holmes, The Devil’s Daughter would be good too.


There are more!  I can’t look at them now because my pockets will be empty.  I haven’t seen so many appealing looking games in ages.