EQ2: The Common Lands

I’m glad I decided to go look at this area.  After the darkness of Darklight Forest and the even dimmer Nektulos Forest ahead, I go through a tunnel to sunshine and a savannah.

Perhaps it is just contrast, but it is the most beautiful place I’ve seen yet in the game.  It reminds me of World of Warcraft’s Barrens area, but the animals are nicely drawn and realistic looking.

Unfortunately the first quest I picked up took me into a cave called Wailing Cave (So close to Wailing Caverns but nothing like it inside).  Among other features it had a Pit of Death which I didn’t explore.

I liked that it had a spike trap!

These guys killed me because I wasn’t up to full health from my last fight.

Dead or no, I have a feeling there was much more to the cave, I’ll go back in once I find repairs.  I made level 20 on these quests which was I hoped for.  Cool area.  I’ll have to explore before moving to an area for my actual range.