EQ II The Message In A Bottle

Today when I logged in my Bottle was in my inventory. 

I set it down in a nice spot for display.  Note I finally have a new outfit.  My knobbly little mouse knees are right out there for all to admire and dream on.

I read the message and of course choose to use the bottle’s spell.

Poof! In a bit of sparkle I am transported to an Abandoned Island.

Nearby is a survivor of the crash who needs help.  I search the beach area and find a book which gives me a cooking recipe.  I get a quest to find the ingredients in a nearby untended garden.  There is a cooking fire near a shack.  There are several other books on the beach but they can’t be interacted with.

I’m asked to make a Prime Blessing Recipe using the workbench in the shack but I don’t have the recipe for some reason ( I keep thinking it must be in one of those other books).  I can’t advance.

Looking around the island a bit I see a vulture like creature who is level 15 and my character is only level 12.  Remembering how much trouble my Froglok had with a spider just one level up, I don’t have the confidence to attack it.

I think I’ll leave her here for the nonce and see if those books can be interacted with next time I log in.