PlayNotes Issue 5: Everquest 2

I was having the best time with this game, leveling several characters up in rotation, then ESO Morrowind came out, and I found new interest in World of Warcraft characters, and they fell to misadventure.

Back in tonight to work on my Monk and Conjuror, the last two in the lineup.

Although I like my Monk for her catlike grace and smooth martial arts moves, the fights seemed interminable until she got to level 6.  Then it was better. 

It felt like these spiders had to be killed one leg at a time….so slow….

By the time we got to this guy, it was all legchop, handchop, legchop, eeeeyah!

Since she was now at the desired level, I left her among the Sapwills and Defilers because I just couldn’t find some totems, and the area was pretty thick with these.

The Ratonga Conjuror coming into the same area at level two was briefly nicknamed “One Shot Willie” by me because she had no trouble in any fight.   She has a small Earthen Avatar which may be helping her fight.  He’s small and sort of weird and is always right under the Ratonga’s legs.  Except in the picture below.

Heroic Opportunities keeps popping up in fights, and I’m going to read and absorb this:

It is apparently some sort of chain thing a party can use.  Wasn’t there something like that in LOTRO?

So far I really like (because they’re tough fighters) the Conjuror, the Fury and the Warden best.  I’m not sure about the Ranger or the Monk.  I’m going to keep playing them in rotation with the others for now.

At the end of the session I went ahead and killed off my boosted level 95 Wizard, though (sniff) she had a house and everything in the City Of Hate.   I wasn’t going to play her anymore, and that opens a slot to try yet another class.

Maybe another Ratonga.  They are so adorable.   But they make me think of this: