RIP EQ2 Fallen Gate Fury: Remember Her Thusly

In yet another bold move, I killed off the Fallen Gate version of Atheren, the Fury Who Struggled.   Here she is after her Dark Shaman experience, resting on her Frostfang rug.  

My thinking:

Fallen Gate is a slog for my character advancement, and these servers don’t seem like a place to find a long lived home in the game, but more of a limited time, shared experience for veteran players.

I was duplicating my Fury character, and I’d rather have another class to play than see how one struggles, and one zooms through the world.   I was kind of feeling sorry for this poor character.

In a way, I was playing two games at once.  Same game, different game.   I don’t really have the time for two versions of the same thing.

So I kill her off there, created a new Ranger on Antonia Bayle. (the class I killed off to get a character slot for Fallen Gate).

Happiness is…getting your character name.  So Atheren the Ranger now lives again, and the Atheren name is from my live Galaxies Bria Ranger Atheren, so she gets new life in a new world.

And she adventured happily ever after.