EQ2: Evercrafting

I’ve assigned crafts to my characters.  I have all the crafts covered as I like to do, except for Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing.  Those I’ll leave to chance or purchase.  I’d need two more characters.  Nope, not at this time.

Mystic    Carpenter

Bruiser    Tinkerer

Warden    Tailor

Monk       Alchemy

Fury        Provisioner

Ranger    Woodworker

Conjuror   Sage

This has given me some structure as to how I level them.  The Alchemist always goes ahead first to gather and make potions for all.   Next, I have the Tailor out leveling to make bags.  After that, I don’t know the crafts well enough to decide, but I’m sure it will all work out.  For the nonce, I’m stopping all questing and making sure the Harvesting quests are done by all, then the set of crafting tutorial quests.

I like that they have you make an item that each tradeskill makes, so you have a feel not just for the process, but for the materials needed.  Node-Hound-R-US from here on out.  I’m grabbing everything.

It’s interesting you need a different fuel for each recipe type you make, such as Sandpaper, Incense, Coal, Basic Kindling.

There’s a different crafting station for each skill.  I love the animations of some of them while you work, particularly the Woodworking table with it’s moving saws.

The process of crafting is further complicated by things that can go wrong while you work, steam, unusually hard boards, cooling temperatures, Magical Anomalies.  The symbols at the bottom of the craft screen represent these.  When they show up in the box just above, you need to select them quickly from the icons below to counteract the problem.  No eating popcorn while you craft here.