The Rampant Coyote Returning Home to Everquest

Is it possible to feel nostalgic or even homesick for an imaginary place? I dunno. Ask the Star Wars fanboys.   And girls!  That’s right you can be homesick for a place you called home for years.  Really home, with people bustling about leading alternate lives of adventure.   While those of us who loved it can never go back and revisit Galaxies and our cities and shops and homes,  The Rampant Coyote recently went back to his world of dreams; Everquest’s Norrath.

He calls his three part series called Ghost Town of Norrath

Ghost Town of Norrath part 1

Ghost Town of Norrath Part 2

Ghost Town of Norrath Part Three: Design Thoughts

Everquest Next What I’d Like to See

From someone who isn’t a deep Everquest junkie but is a more casual player in the game:

Ha ha, since it is Sony, give me the things only Galaxies had housing with furnishings and decorations you could place anywhere, rotate, move up and down.

Skill trees.

Hundreds of recipes and the ability to name and add color customization (365+ colors!).

Cool vehicles.

A robust player economy.

A world you can live in.

A HUGE world to explore.

Highly customizable character models.



Heroic Deeds.

Alien cultures.

If they looked at the best things they have in all of their games and load them into this one, that is what we’re looking for.

Announcement around noon Las Vegas time today.