MMO thinking invades my Single Player Game

It occurred to me this morning as I was planning my exploratory path around the lairs and caves surrounding the Imperial City that my Wow and Wildstar “get the exploration achievement” for each area before moving on fiendishness is being applied to Oblivion.

I notice also I’m much less freaked out by ¬†sudden attacks and I calmly go between menus to pick my next attack.¬†
In my dim single player past I took it all much more personally and just ran right up and whacked the bad guys giving them no room or time to fight.
We shall see how I do in Ayleid Tombs. The combination of dim lighting, swirling mists and really creepy ambient sounds always had me turning down the sound and listening to upbeat music in order to get through in one piece. What a weenie, I know.