PlayNotes: LOTRO (plus)

I’m finding my way around in Moria and navigating between the maps and the way the halls are laid out.  Less in the way of dead ends tonight.

Working on Hewers of Stone more, I found the Chamber of Wisdom with relative ease.  I was surprised how far back towards the beginning of Moria you had to go.

Chamber of Wisdom

Mining Records
I confess I keep thinking each quest turn in will send me back to the surface, but no.   Instead a new doorway leads me out into the snow.  Whipping winds, wolves, awooo.  I liked the story behind this quest, a Lost Workshop that might have papers revealing a hidden passageway.
Luckily the sojourn in the snow was short and the cave entrance was nearby.
I liked these caves.  The path was mostly straight, with a couple of places where you had to jump down.  There was just something that appealed in the design.
In The Workshop With The Orcs
Once I had the papers I sought, the doorway out sent me right back to Broin (that adventuring Hobbit) without the interlude of winter.
The next quest is called Chapter 8 The Secret Road.  I love a Secret Road!
World of Warcraft
I spent a tiny bit of time working on my almost level 105 Frost Mage and my level 12 druid (on different servers)   I didn’t get any Wow time on Saturday, so you know how it is, you sneak in.
Working on getting good stock on my Architect vendors.  I’m working to stock everything she can make.  Oddly, things like Guild halls sell pretty well, but while I’m slowly getting a big stock of steel and ores (thanks to my spouse, the most excellent miner in any game), I need other subcomponents that I haven’t stocked at this time.  
Even with that, I needed factory crates of Power Core Units, for which I need Energy Distributors, which are made by Dustbunnie, so a pause while I make a factory run of those…
Everquest 2
My Fury on Antonia Bayle and Fallen Gate is my main.  The AB one was level 9, so I grabbed loads of quests on my way out of town.  Mobs were level 7-8 on one side of the road and 10-11 on the other.
I just love the flavor of this area.
At level 10 I got the 10th Season Adventurer Achievement, plus what seemed like quite a few skills.
One that stood out was one that turns my High Elf into a beautiful white wolf (I’m guessing) but to me she is a dog, and I love dogs!  I’m trying to think if anything has let me be a pup before.  Bears, cats, they’re everywhere.  Puppy!

Talk about unexpected surprises in games that make them so much more fun. 

The ability to Teleport others was also given.  I love being able to port people to other destinations,  I’m pleased to have that one too.