Cartoon Warning: EQ 2 Message in a Bottle Quest

Bitstrips used to be a favorite Cartoon Generator but now they want you to sign up via your Facebook Account so you can spam your annoying cartoons at everyone.  Peace, babies.  Here’s a crudely done one with no polish of any kind.  I like the stick figure though and might be able to draw my own.

I went back to the Abandoned Island and checked all the books and my recipe list,  and still do not have the recipe I need for the quest.

There is a nice walkthrough on EQ2 Traders that might help me.

In the meantime…

Speaking of Comics

Wow Insider has a nice link list of World of Warcraft related comics for the past week.  I’ve added two that are WOW-specific comics to the World of Warcraft link list.

For my own Sunday comic I’ll be using a variety of comic generators because, unlike the talented people doing the comics in this article, I haven’t the slightest artistic ability.  Just imagination, and lots of it.  It will have to do.

Some Online Comics Generators: