From Gamasutra: 10 Seminal Game Postmortems Every Developer Should Read

I’m not a developer of course but I’ve always enjoyed reading about how games are designed and built.   I read through the article on System Shock II.  Playing through the game you would never guess the development woes because it is such an intense game.  You don’t care what the AI is capable of as long as it doesn’t kill you on the spot.  I’ll be reading all of these then hitting the older archives.

Presented by Alex Waro from Gamasutra’s “postmortem archives” developers talk about what went right and what went wrong as they worked on classic games.

Covered titles:

Warren Spector on Deus Ex

Jonathan Chey on System Shock 2

Erich Schaefer on Diablo II

Tom Leonard on Thief The Dark Project

Ray Muzyka on Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn

Jason Regier on Myth: The Fallen Lords

Brandon Reinhart on Unreal Tournament

Matt Pritchard on Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

Brian Upton on Rainbox Six

Peter Molyneux on Black & White