Some Days…

My little gnome Discipline Priest was doing the Nazmir War Campaign.   I have thought she was invulnerable, truly.

But there she is, fighting Captain Conrad and wave after wave of bad guys join in the fight.  Despite everything, my little Priest went down!  Oh noooes!

I’ve played that fight several times and that is not how it goes.   I could finish the fight, though after the fight’s end Brann just went running off, even diving off a bridge to get out of there.

Immediately next up is my Rogue, whose turn it is to go to Nazmir.   On the trip there, I get a disconnect, with the screen having a rosy edge.

Coming right back up, the Rogue is under attack by several creatures and dead with no time to react.
Gack!   I managed to bring her up a tiny bit away from the mobs, hit stealth, look at the map to see which way to go.


I’m thinking, sometimes it seems like somebody is pushing a big button that says WHACK  PLAYER  NOW!

Can’t you just picture some gnit with you on their screen hitting the button and laughing?