General Blah Blah

I found myself a couple of times lately thinking of Rift.  I am in a MOOD so I thought I don’t really like my nearly level 50 Mage. Maybe I should just delete her and start anew.  Then I remembered she holds my Homes so she was spared. 

I started a new Healer character on another server and picked the one with the big tree fighting companion (shades of I Am Groot). 

Of course if you don’t log in regularly, Free to Play or not, they Coin Lock your account and you have to go to your email and retrieve a code to unlock it.  I may have complained about this before but it is truly annoying.  Nobody is going to steal my POS free account.  They can make their own. Doh.  I’m not sure I like this character anyway so she’ll probably get the boot and then boink! Coin Lock!

The other game I’d like to get back to is Neverwinter.  I may just pop those characters and start new ones too.

Also, I’ve been out of Everquest II for a bit. I suppose my Frog’s house is all locked up.  It’s ok. 

Lots of stuff lately about LOTRO.  I would like to go back to that for sure but, they have had some downloader weirdo stuff, it was Panda Booster for awhile now its something else that looks intrusive so, I dunno.

New WOW Beta Build but still no wipe.  I really am in a mood because I deleted my Tailor and my Inscriptionist who were endlessly flawed in Draenor.  Kept my flagship WOW character and my DK who is like some goddess.  Also I like a pre-made Hunter I stuck in there to try Alchemy fixes so she lives.  I liked her enough that I created a live realms character in her image. 

Been Oblivion dreaming but I am not sure I have the patience for the utter bugginess of it at this time. 

I restarted my Skyrim character so maybe I should get my Elder Scrolls fix there.  I got all the DLCs.  There are some hinky things that I’m reading about on the Skyrim Facebook page like you get a family and while you’re out adventuring they are kidnapped or slaughtered or something hideous.  Ya know, if I buy a package that lets me have a house it is for coziness, not killing.  Sheesh.  Nut jobs.