December Gaming Goals

It’s another month with not much time to play.

In November, I did make most of my game goals, getting my poor World of Warcraft characters out of Stormsong Valley. They’re mostly cooling their heels in Boralus, while the first character does the Winterdeep (?) Mine area in Tiragarde. During Legion, any character who had a garrison went there to rest by the fire when it wasn’t their turn, now they hang out in a tavern in Boralus waiting their turn. I think mostly it is because it’s no quick jump to get to Kul Tiras from Draenor as it was when I could just port to Dalaran from anywhere. Why they didn’t give a Boralus Hearthstone this time around (unless people complained it took bagspace) I don’t know. Cause they didn’t want me snuggling down in Draenor, right?

Mostly I played Elder Scrolls Online, getting six of my eight characters to level 20 and above. The other two are in the teens. I’m loving the game and can’t help but compare the vast riches you get in the Elder Scrolls World to the miserly bits allowed you in World of Warcraft.

In fact, when I logged into Wow the other day, I found myself listing all the things that I thought might make me not so eager to play it right now.

Emphasis on Mythic Dungeons kind of ruining the whole game, the crafting game specifically. Different crowd. Don’t sausage everyone into your endgame content.
Island Expeditions I could be doing these now, but they were advertised as a cool exploration/adventure feature and they’re just not.
The Warfronts Would have to try them, have not. Put off by what seems an imbalance between Horde and Alliance opportunities, unless they fixed that.
Darkmoon Part of the Ruination/Drought/Demise of the Crafting game the last three expansions. Un less they fixed it while I wasn’t paying attention. Have not done it at all the last three months. Incomprehensible for a Darkmoon fan like myself.
The next Update is all about the Battle for Azeroth grr grr we hate each other stuff. Just not interested. Love is the answer, not hate. Bad dogs. Unless there’s a redemption arc in the making. Then I’m all interested.

As far as ESO for this month. Getting the last two to 20, moving the others up to 25 at the least. My first character to move forward is a Nightblade Dual Wielder with Bow. She’s had trouble right away moving on to Grahtwood. Haven…ouch ouch. Three guys in clumps everywhere, and I can manage two with her. I did some other quests, but she definitely needs gear and weapon upgrades and they just aren’t dropping for her.

October Gaming Goals

I’m down to two games right now, this should be easy.

World of Warcraft

Continue playing through the world of Kul Tiras is the general plan.   I’ve Friendly status in Tiragarde and Drustvar with my seven characters and onward to Stormsong Valley.   Once I’m Friendly there as well, it’s back to Tiragarde to find every quest and treasure and node in the place, following with the other two.  I’m really enjoying the game.

My method of doing quest segments of each area with all the characters, then moving on has been a good thing.   I’m happier with shorter quest sections that move everyone forward faster, but in some areas it makes sense to do longer sequences.  The last one I did was from Fletcher’s Hollow to Gol Var to get the Order of Embers, and the Friendly rep for Drustvar.   The Fletcher’s Hollow segment seemed like a long slog, particularly if I added in a dungeon.   Stormsong should be more easily broken up.

My apparent slow progress doesn’t worry me at all.  All I’m doing is reading about everyone’s rush to 120, then they’re bored, and they don’t want to log in, and blah blah.  It happens every time, but still, maybe think of a way to enjoy the content more.   It is also very early on, and given how much was added in during over the course of Legion, I don’t see any reason to despair.

Elder Scrolls Online

I went from logging in every day to get that 100,000 gold reward at month’s end, to filling all eight character slots and playing daily and having a great time.  I’ve come and gone in the game a few times, but it just didn’t hold my attention.  Ha!  Now I have characters of all races but Orc (those tusks…), and they’re all over the map.  All those little apartments you get for free, you can use them to hop all over the map, saving Wayshrine money nicely.

My first goal for this month is to get all characters to level 15.

The other goal will be to have my crafting character be able to make furniture.

My September Goals

Well wasn’t I so ambitious?  La la, I hardly accomplished any of these.   Good thing I’m going all slug-doggie in my October goals.

World of Warcraft
Continue leveling my higher levels through Kul Tiras on Black Water Raiders.

Dabble elsewhere.  

Yes!  I got this one.

Everquest 2
Level all the characters to 20.

Figure out which crafts suit each character.

Get to know the city of Qeynos so I can find things.

At some point I left my little EQ2 characters behind for now.

Secret World Legends

Try the Tunnels and the security cameras again.  Last year (!) I couldnt get past them, though I’d done it on my earlier character.  Then I can move forward.
Nope, I still live in fear of tunnel failure.  My husband, who started playing Secret World Legends and sailed right by me, did, I think, offer to try this for me.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

Get out there and try at least one mission.
 Have not ventured out.

The Witcher

Conquer my dislike of the controls and move forward in the plot.
Nope, that handsome, scarred Witcher dude hasn’t moved an inch.

Finish Dear Esther and Broken Age.  I’m guessing both are pretty doable length wise.
There’s doable, and there’s not done.


Send my Cleric to her proper level area and she how she does.  
She’s waiting her turn as well.

World Of Warcraft 2018 Goals

In a game where you can have 50 characters, it’s hard to narrow down what might be worked on in a given year.

Currently, I’m backtracking to get all the Loremaster Achievements I don’t have.  Whoo hoo, Un’ Goro Crater.   I dislike the intense green of the place.  The dinosaurs are cool.  It’s a big bowl and it gets claustrophobic in short order.   I looked through characters I thought had done much of it, but nobody really had much.

I changed all of my Frost Mages to Fire after getting one to level 40 on a newer one.   My current favorite is my 108 (?) now Fire Mage.   I still wish she had some built in heal, but she’s doing incredibly better than she did as a Frost Mage.

Random Notes for Overall Goals:

The game itself should break the silence barrier between Horde and Alliance.  Hate it.

2018: Let the Games Begin

I’m oozing into the New Year, but, I’m ready to kick things into gear.

Listening to last week’s MassivelyOp Podcast, I was inspired to look at my 2017 and think ahead to a better year in games.   I love that they had everyone on!  I wish they’d do it more often.  Once a month, even.

Looking back at 2017 I developed a nice game rotation.  There was even a month or so where I wrote a short synopsis of the play session after I played.  I liked doing that, but I’m usually playing pretty late at night and writing up a session at 1 am isn’t ideal.

I liked the idea enough that I put the same rotation along the top of my 2018 calendar for January.  Now I think, I need to narrow a regular rotation down to the MMOs I love best.

World of Warcraft
Elderscrolls Online
Lord of the Rings Online
Everquest 2

While not giving up on Secret World Legends or Guild Wars 2, I’ll just keep the games updated and saunter in now and then rather than trying to make any real progress.

In separate posts, I’ll try to make some goals for each game.

Overall game goals for 2018:

Play a greater variety of games.  Games remain in my Steam queue and on my iPad that I could make some progress on.

Pick a character in each MMO to be my main.  Get them to max level.   My Alt-itis will never go away (hugs to my Alts!), but in order to really know a game, making your way all the way through the world really helps you connect the dots.  See what the heart of the beast is for good or ill.

Since it is an overall goal for me in the real world as well, I’m going to try to be more social.  Ack! Imagine!   We’re talking reading and contributing in more forums, we’re talking voice chat and the ever finky Discord.  I hate my voice, and I should be able to master push to talk so you don’t hear me swearing.  Oops.

I’d like to be more well informed about games like I used to be.   I reactivated a gaming Twitter account.  I need to remove some old, bratty posts.  Need to read the latest posts for the games I’m interested in.  Read more of the game sites I used to pour over.

Blogs!  Read more (up to the letter “G” stealing blogs from Biobreak), comment more.   I love reading blogs, even for games I don’t play.

Play more Board Games and Card Games 

Noble goals, are they not?

Happy Gaming 2018!