Play Schedule

I’ve been on vacation for a week in the wilds with no Internet and often no phone service, so I’m playing a bit of post catch up.

Often I wish I had a good way of getting a little time in on the games I enjoy, and I’ve considered doing a particular game on a particular night but didn’t try it.  Freshly returned to civilization, I made up a list and have done two days in a row by it!  Can I go a whole week?

Monday       Rift
Tuesday       Elder Scrolls
Wednesday  Guild Wars 2
Thursday     EQ2
Friday         Galaxies
Saturday     World of Warcraft
Sunday        Lord of the Rings Online

It’s sort of an embarrassment of riches that there are currently games to be played every day of the week.   There are also Secret World, Black Desert, Neverwinter and Wildstar which don’t fit in.   I tend to go in with some goal of the evening, whether it be crafting or dungeons or trying to finish a zone or level a character.  If I achieve my goal of the night and am twitchy, I can always spend a little time in one of the others too.