Gnome Hunters, What A Fine Idea

I was so surprised to see that Gnome Hunters are coming to World of Warcraft.  Crafty Gnomes!  Clever Gnomes!  They can do anything, certainly wield a bow.   I’m not so certain I like the mechanical pets, though it does make sense.  It sort of takes the pleasure out of finding your own pet of choice in the wild and taming it.

Finding an open character slot is a problem.  It will just have to be on a server far far away than my usual ones.

I wanted to put a picture of one of my adorable Hobbit Hunters here, to show how cute mini-bow wielders are, but I haven’t logged into LOTRO for a bit and of course it’s update hell.

Two more posts and I do believe I’ll have met my goal of a post a day in November.  So close.