Level 3!

Guild moves on upwards

We hit level 3 guild status about a week ago but I have been busy trying to get caught up on everything and get my Panda lass out of the dread Wandering Isle.  I disliked the Worgen area after the first run through and found it torturously long but Pandaland is pure torture from the get go.

Our level three guild perk allows us to have a faster mount speed so that is nice for questing.  I think the next perk adds again to how much xp we get killing baddies.  I guess none of the perks are uber or anything except Mass Ressurection at guild level 25 but it is fun to see our work on our characters pay off and contribute to the overall guild.  I have still not done any recruiting.  I don’t feel like I can keep up crafting wise with more peeps so…I could pick up one of those guys with a name like SlapMeAgain who ask in trade if anyone is recruiting, but you know that would end in tears.

Speaking of Pandaland I still don’t have a character to send to Pandaland proper so maybe the real thing is heavenly.  I shouldn’t disdain Pandaland, noooo.

Tanking Round Two

I have a Brewmaster Monk that I’ve got out in the world and to level 15.  This means Dungeon Time.  She is a tank, and we know how hard it is to play that well.

This time I’m going to make sure she has every bit of armor and weaponry and scrolls and you name it before she goes in so that she isn’t “squishy”.  I am going to concentrate on the fine art of holding aggro, which is hard anyway but if you have some bozoid on the team who wants to steal aggro or hurry things along I am going to just let them die and move on through the dungeon.  The other fine art I’ll concentrate on is keeping a sharp eye on the healer and make sure she has plenty of mana.  I’ve been through all those lower level dungeons enough times so I know the maps and bosses.  Fingers crossed!

Screen Distortions Continue

Hubbie continues to have intermittent problems with screen distortions.  They clear up, a rolling restart happens, they’re back.  He has tried every solution.  Although Blizz keeps insisting it is his computer that is a problem, the fact that it works fine for a bit only to be ruined by one of their updates points the finger at them.  Luckily he can do dungeons because indoor environments display a bit better.

Cross Realm Zones

I understand that Blizzard thinks this is a good alternative to server merges as population drops.  What I have found is that you get increased competion for mobs and have a harder time completing quests and getting bosses and you name it because these folks are everywhere.  I have not seen a single instance where it has resulted in people working together on anything.  It is also a real problem that level 85 characters are in your zones standing around killing things off for reputation.  No chance beating them to anything.


I am having to level my Frost Mage to level 50 because she is the tailor and we need netherweave bags without buying them big time.  I need level 50 to advance and she is almost 46.  Since the big patch she is so underpowered I’ve had people whispering to me in dungeons asking if the class has been nerfed 😦    She might as well trade in her Cone of Cold for a Cone of Shame.   If you look at guides for the class trying to develop a good strategy and rotation they are as always all for level 85 and talk about skills I don’t have.  Not so useful.  I have been just alternating between Frostfire Bolt and Frost Bolt because they do the most damage, tossing in Ice Lance now and then to finish things off.

I was so desperate, I tried out the Arcane Specialization (again I haven’t any of the skills the guides recommend) and tested various rotations on the little pony-dog creatures in the Eastern Plaguelands.  Dead dead dead, no matter the rotation.  It might be that my character from another realm just isn’t properly equipped as part of the problem, but eek.  I switched her to Frost and much better survival.  Argh I say.

My right hand man has been unable to play at all since the patch because of terribly distorted graphics.  We have tried every posted solution.  Put in two tickets.  First ticket just went away, no response.  Waiting on the second one.

I dislike the new loot drop system where you pick up anything in a area all at once. I see what it is trying to do but frequently because of some sort of landscape or clipping type issues you can pick nothing up.

I’m feeling like I don’t like any of the classes since the patch.  I dislike the Talent and Specialization changes.

Pandaria is next week and I’m not looking forward to it because who knows what additional problems that will bring?  This is the first time I have thought the game is buggy as anything for many reasons.  So much for “Polish”.