Draenor Guild Perks

With Warlords of Draenor all guilds will automatically be “level 25.”  No more recruiting little mice for your Bankbot guild to increase the monies in your bank before selling the guild off to the highest bidder.

No more enjoyable earning of those perks together as a group.  Our guild is working on their second guild on a second server. We’re at level 21 and we’re not going to make 25 before the 6.0 patch and kablooie-dom.  It’s ok.  A friend has a bank guild on yet another server he doesn’t play on anymore, maybe having an insta-25 guild will make him interested in making it a real guild.

These Guild Perks will remain:

Mount Up
Hasty Hearth
Mobile Banking
The Quick and the Dead
Guild Mail
Mass Ressurection

These will be removed:

Fast Track
Mr. Popularity
Cash Flow
Doctor is In
Honorable Mention
Working Overtime
For Great Justice
Ride Like the Wind
Bountiful Bags

The Last Chapter Level 25 Alliance Guild!

Ta da!  Thanks to our hard slogging peeps, especially my Spousal Peep (aka Peep #1) we have the glorious level 25.  Long road for us non-chipmunkers.   We have enjoyed getting each new guild perk as we earned it.  Many of my non-healing characters will be pleased to save the day in future dungeons with Mass Resurrection!

For my own characters I’ll concentrate on leveling my crafts and making the most uber stuff I can for my guildies to continue to make the game a fun place to be.


last chapter 25

Weekly Roundup

weekly roundup

Yay, yay!  another fine edition of the weekly roundup.  It’s all about World of Warcraft this week as we push to level 25 as a guild.  At 96% as I write, it should be a done deal by later this evening 🙂  We have such good peeps in the guild.  How I do love them 🙂

It is funny because as we’re working so hard together for this goal I see people in trade WTB Guild, Want to sell Guild….I became aware recently some people just start and level up guilds  to sell them for fun and profit.  They recruit poor little chipmunk level players to grind along and help them level it up if it isn’t at level 25.

Keep the Wheel Moving!  Level Up!


All those “fun social guilds” you get invites to might all be what we’ll term “Chipmunk Guilds” for the furious efforts of low level players to complete quests and help the guild level so the bozo can sell it off.  Mice on a wheel man… By the way if it is level 25 when purchased, then the Chipmunk Master may hold onto the guild long enough to have a certain number of bank tabs or a certain amount of money made by the guild perks that toss 10% or so into the bank for every copper the Chipmunks make.

Want to sell Guild!  Used peeps included!

Chip munk


Darkmoon Faire    The faire snuck up on me this week.  I only noticed peeps (speaking of…) from Farstriders and Cenarion Circle no evil Moonguard this time.  I allowed myself to fantasize this meant these were the realms we’ll end up with after The Connection.   And Evil steenkin Moonguard will GO AWAY.   Ever the Dreamer.


Everquest II

I played my Defiler cat enough to see agh she’s like a Shadow Priest.  She was getting pounded by things four levels below her.  I took the time to rearrange her skills, see what each did, blah blah…sent her back out, much better!  Once I get a good handle on her I’ll make her available as a healer and Gasp be social with her to maximize her potential.  Good Kitty.




Leveling Right Along, We’re at 13

We’re cruising along at Guild level 13.  The next few perks benefit PVP players.  Almost halfway to 25.  Pretty cool.

Working on leveling and really learning my crafts.

Trying to get my characters to speed in all of the professions they have.  I’m finding they can make awesomely useful stuff.  I’d like to be able to have guildies have every advantage out there in the big world.

Backing up and getting the exploration and quest completion achievements for all characters.  While looking at those, I find there are a boatload of general achievements I’ve never looked at.  Also, I’m envious of people with titles which it turns out you have to earn by doing some whacko things as well.  The repellent Jenkins title is from killing 50 whelps in 15 seconds in Blackrock.  How I hate those whelps.  I am not dying to get that title.  It is a badge of stupidity, named after an idiot player.  bah. I’d like Explorer and Adventurer and maybe the Patient since I’ve suffered so many scrubby PUGs.  Hmmpf.

Going to start listing here ingredients needed for crafting or first aid or whatever.  Anyone who has a bit of time and patience could scoot and grab it.

Herb du jour is Wildvine needed for a Tailor Recipe.  Hmmpf.  Wowhead says to comb Feralas for it in Purple Lotus (as an extra pickup) near the Ruins of Constellas.  Just need one at this time but any extras will no doubt be useful.

Finding new peeps can’t buy guild tabards.  They don’t even show up from the vendor.  How annoying is that?  Apparently you need 3k guild rep to be able to see and buy one.  I’m all for the concept of letting a person earn their way, but it is confusing and it should show up on the vendor and be red and upon mouseover you should see you need 3k guild rep to buy it.  Dingles.

Safe travels, Atherne

Wool Gathering

I’ve reached level 90 with my first World of Warcraft character.  My Druid bravely made her way through levels 74-90, all new territory.  I rushed through because a fine guild mate entered into an unspoken competition to level to the top first.   He was always just a few levels back and I became somewhat obsessed with trying to keep 5-10 levels between us.

I can now relax and focus on crafting and leveling my other characters.  I really want to be able to provide the best crafted objects the game offers so I’ve been loading the bank with what each character can make.  I crave another bank tab.

We just reached level 11 and got “mobile banking”.  If you have a guild reputation level of recruit or above you can summon a hearty looking guild chest with the Guild Tabard draped across it to your location.  Drop in those resources, grab some coinage or potions, scrolls or armor.

EZ Banking

EZ Banking

I found it insanely handy this morning as I was making the character rounds.  So easy to just slip in a few stacks of herbs.

I added some parchment and thread so my crafters have the ability to just grab a resource from the bank and its needed extras, craft away and place the finished object in the bank.  This is a nice way to save money for the new characters and crafters who can spend alot on those crafting components.

I’ll have to see what other basics we can have at hand.

The post title Wool gathering refers to the request from a guildie for wool.  I’ve sent my Death Knight out looking for a good wool spot.  Criminy.   I found two locations with decent drops:

Northern Stranglethorn around the Kurzon camps and in the cave.  I felt a little guilty trolling the area since there were so many newbie characters around.

The Wetlands just north of Whelgar’s Retreat where the Dark Iron and Mosshide NPCs are in constant battle is an even better spot.  I found killing one and looting him before killing the other guy and looting him gave me a nice stack relatively quickly.  No newbies around to make me feel guilty.


Level 4!

We reached level 4 and we now have anyone in the guild getting an additional 10% xp for their hard work in the world.  5% at level 2 and another 5% for level 4.  The next one warms the cockles of my guild leader heart.  We will have 5% of the amount of looted coinage from anyone’s adventuring.  When I was a member of other guilds I thought this was stanky because I thought it took 5% away from me.  It does not.  It just appears as mana from heaven as an extra amount that goes into the guild bank.

It occurs to me this week that being guild leader is much like being a mayor in Star Wars Galaxies.  As the mayor you wanted citizens and you wanted them to be happy.  So you would provide all the city perks you could buy, at your personal expense.  And you would work hard to make money to pay the fees for having a city which could be huge, and you would never mention to anyone how much it cost to run the city, you’d just smile and be a good host, essentially.

Luckily there is no giant payment or fees to the upkeep of a guild. However if you want people to be happy you need bank tabs full of potions and scrolls and foods and resources.  You want to keep the guild bank balance at a comfortable level so everyone can get training money and money for mounts and whatever else the need without having to think about it.  That’s how I’m playing it anyway.

What I do is have my own characters put anything they make over a certain amount in the guild bank.  I try to sell things as I can but mostly it is dungeon run monies and questing monies.

It will take a little pressure off to have my own characters and everyone elses characters drop a few coins in the bank bucket as they merrily play.  Level 5 or bust!


Obligatory CRZ comment of the day:  I have been looking at the peeps around me in the world and except for right in Stormwind, every person is from another realm.  Creepy.  Am I in their world or are they in mine?  There was even someone from Farstrider at the cooking trainer in Darnassus yesterday.  Eerie.

Level 3!

Guild moves on upwards

We hit level 3 guild status about a week ago but I have been busy trying to get caught up on everything and get my Panda lass out of the dread Wandering Isle.  I disliked the Worgen area after the first run through and found it torturously long but Pandaland is pure torture from the get go.

Our level three guild perk allows us to have a faster mount speed so that is nice for questing.  I think the next perk adds again to how much xp we get killing baddies.  I guess none of the perks are uber or anything except Mass Ressurection at guild level 25 but it is fun to see our work on our characters pay off and contribute to the overall guild.  I have still not done any recruiting.  I don’t feel like I can keep up crafting wise with more peeps so…I could pick up one of those guys with a name like SlapMeAgain who ask in trade if anyone is recruiting, but you know that would end in tears.

Speaking of Pandaland I still don’t have a character to send to Pandaland proper so maybe the real thing is heavenly.  I shouldn’t disdain Pandaland, noooo.

Tanking Round Two

I have a Brewmaster Monk that I’ve got out in the world and to level 15.  This means Dungeon Time.  She is a tank, and we know how hard it is to play that well.

This time I’m going to make sure she has every bit of armor and weaponry and scrolls and you name it before she goes in so that she isn’t “squishy”.  I am going to concentrate on the fine art of holding aggro, which is hard anyway but if you have some bozoid on the team who wants to steal aggro or hurry things along I am going to just let them die and move on through the dungeon.  The other fine art I’ll concentrate on is keeping a sharp eye on the healer and make sure she has plenty of mana.  I’ve been through all those lower level dungeons enough times so I know the maps and bosses.  Fingers crossed!

Screen Distortions Continue

Hubbie continues to have intermittent problems with screen distortions.  They clear up, a rolling restart happens, they’re back.  He has tried every solution.  Although Blizz keeps insisting it is his computer that is a problem, the fact that it works fine for a bit only to be ruined by one of their updates points the finger at them.  Luckily he can do dungeons because indoor environments display a bit better.

Cross Realm Zones

I understand that Blizzard thinks this is a good alternative to server merges as population drops.  What I have found is that you get increased competion for mobs and have a harder time completing quests and getting bosses and you name it because these folks are everywhere.  I have not seen a single instance where it has resulted in people working together on anything.  It is also a real problem that level 85 characters are in your zones standing around killing things off for reputation.  No chance beating them to anything.

Level 2!

Yay!  We are at level 2!  5% extra xp for killing monsters and doing quests.  Does it get better than that?

The level 3 perk increases your mounted speed by 10% .    There are currently cute little winged feet looking things in the bank, by the way, which you can apply to your boots to get you 4% added mount speed.

I’m happy they made these changes to guild leveling.  It will enhance our play and allow us to be appealing to rare fine player doggies who might join us.  Before I created this guild, I tried out several level 25 guilds which were constant spammers in Trade chat.  I do not think I ever saw more than five people on at any time (except once) in any of them so booya on that 500 member guild stuff.


The Last Chapter : What To Expect

Running even a tiny guild is alot of work.  I am learning so much though.  I vow the next time some poor soul wants their guild charter signed I’ll help them right out.  It always seemed kind of dodgy to me before, but maybe it was the presentation. You’re minding your business and one of those big pop-ups is in your face.  Those I’ll keep ignoring…

It will take me a bit before I start recruiting.  I want to offer a set of things that I think will be useful to a player.  Here is what the Last Chapter will offer:

Guild Repairs for all levels.

Quest and dungeon help

Potions and foods



Armor Kits

A home for you and your alts.  (Some guilds don’t care about your beloved alts, this is because they want the character you play alot to be questing and dungeon diving so the guild may advance. You are a mouse on a wheel to them.)


What The Last Chapter gets from you:

Guild XP to help advance the guild and get new perks.

People to fill out our dungeon groups.  It would be so nice to go in with a full compliment.

People to share information and game world experiences with.