Happy Hallows End

 I did just one set of the garrison Dailies to get decorations for my garrison.  There actually isn’t anything else for this holiday on the Events vendor that I’m interested in so I’ll let a lower level character work on the regular holiday activities.

I like the decorations that I have, it isn’t quite like having the ability to customize my garrison, but it does add something.  It looks like I could leave my Halloween decorations up all year if I want to.  Hmmm.

I’m not a fan of the bird Pepe, who was hanging out in the garrison graveyard, even though he comes with costume changes.  I hate having anything on my head, and a bird perched there is really obnoxious.  Why doesn’t he perch on my shoulder like a proper bird?

I like that these holiday decorations have been added.  There isn’t any reason why more features and customizations can’t be added to the garrison over time.  If there won’t be another building/area like this going forward, tweak it, add to it.  Make it home.

At some point they just need to allow you to make it public, or set a permissions list of people/your alts/whatever who can enter your garrison when you’re not around.