Rift: An Intrepid Adventure

I sent my level 48 Mage into an Intrepid Adventure called Hammerknell Fortress.  It is a somehow re-worked raid that can be joined by anyone levels 10-65 via the Instant Adventure interface.

I’ve never raided, and at first I thought it was pretty easy.  Then this big guy popped up:

He didn’t do much damage to me at my distance and though water kept splashing through, it didn’t do any damage or move you around like a wave would.  He was mostly impressive for his size.

Then as we went along some smaller mobs were radiating damage even after they were dead.  Eek.  A Boss called Matron Zamira did me in (and everyone else) a fair few times.  I had to bow out for repairs.  She just cast wave after wave of damage you couldn’t seem to avoid from anywhere in the room.


Most interesting.

I was unable to loot most mobs, I didn’t see any reason for it, but I love my loot.   I’ll have to figure out what was going on there.

I may not be ready for raids elsewhere, but I’m sure going to try this one again.