A Deeper Character Delve: 365 Character Questions

 Bhagpuss was intrigued by the discussion of Good vs Evil character alignment and wrote a post talking about it in more depth.   http://bhagpuss.blogspot.com/2018/08/hes-good-bad-but-hes-not-evil.html

He even made a new set of alignment explanations for the Modern Reader.  

The interesting thing about all of this is, older role playing games immersed you in their world partially by helping you create a character with some depth, and background.  They encouraged you to know this adventurer.

While looking for some of the type of questions typically asked in games to help you get started, I found a link to an amazing list of questions for you to answer about your character.  A question for every single day of the year.

The questions range from what are your character’s favorite _________to questions asking what the character would do in a particular situation.   The purpose of the questions is to help you get to know that character, and to give them life and background, whatever world they adventure in.