PlayNotes Issue 7: Secret World Legends

For the finale of the series, I wanted to wait till today and check out Secret World Legends.

I loved the changes to the tutorial area.  The scariness level was way up.  There was a floor puzzle, a sneaking puzzle and a wall puzzle  and if people haven’t played before, it’s a great introduction to those play mechanics.

Last time around I created a character who used both magic (some zappy electrical looking stuff) and pistols.  It worked well sometimes but not so much others.  I kept swapping skills around into the (still limited) slots and just couldn’t be satisfied with the fights.

This time I looked at all of the combinations and chose Warlock.   Her main skill is Blood Magic which produces a red radius of death.  I’m liking it.  The zombies still all attack in groups of five, so this covers them pretty nicely.  I’m not having to worry too much or at all about the placement of the targeting reticule.

Illustrating this weapon choice is a Book on my back.  A dang book just stuck there.  You may not be able to pick it out in the picture above, because my secondary weapon FOR HEALING is an Assault Rifle!  Bang, Bang! You’re Healed!   Weirdest idea ever.

The quests are the same as they were previously, such as this set of traps in the Mining Museum.  That went pretty well, except I’m a fool for stepping into the range of security cameras.  Oops, forgot about the explosions.  I bought Metal Gear Solid or some other stealth game on the Steam sale last year.  I should fire that up and see if I can set a record for getting caught and killed.

The first time I played through this area, Kingsmouth, every quest made a big impression on me, and I remember them well.  Except I don’t completely, so I keep going, oh yeah, this over here and it’s not.  Getting ahead of myself.

Despite the whole Book/Assault Rifle thing, the character seems reasonably powerful.  I had no trouble with the Draug at the end of the road.

If I balance between hitting the left and right mouse buttons in a fight, I’m fine.  In one fight I was just using the Blood Magic alone, and poof I was dead.

Kingsmouth is as creepy as always.  I run down the street keeping an eye on zombie groups, but sometimes it sounds like there’s one right on your tail and I find myself looking around over my shoulder frequently.

Didn’t get too far tonight, just hanging out with ol’ Shotgun Norma.

It’s a great game, with a variety of quest types and combat options.  It couldn’t have a more distinctive atmosphere.  For people like myself who have been reading horror tales and ghost stories for ages,  it doesn’t get much better than this.

I appreciate the modern setting, and like the clothes.   I need money money money to buy more.  Maybe also a Book with a nicer cover.