Secret World: Wherein I Become the Trapped Booby

They don’t call the quest Horror Show for nothing.  The first couple of sections of this quest were pretty easy. I just had to find a way to grab the surveillance cameras from some businesses around town.

Kill a few zombies, climb around, get camera.

The Miner’s Museum had a burnt out camera out front, but a note from the Janitor lets you know there’s another box in the basement.  Raise your hand if you love a good basement.

The Basement is a Solo Instance, the first I’ve run across. I had no idea what to expect from it.  As it turns out, the Janitor seems to be standing at the end of the hallway and it looks like he has tentacles on his head.  He’s a little far off and then he runs down another hallway.

Around the corner he has set laser traps.  Building Maintenance 101, be able to set up laser traps in a trice.

Luckily you can skip right over these.  Duck into a side supply room, make your way up some crates and Disarm the Trap.   I didn’t understand what was happening, because though I disarmed the trap, I died.  Search light apparently got me.  I was paying no attention to the search light but soon I would think of nothing but the search lights.

Upon release I was still in the basement and back at the start, but the lasers I had jumped were still nicely disarmed.

Next, shades of Tex Murphy’s laser puzzle, there was a nice laser wall which you could slink through just so.

Another supply room, this one with two search beams.  I lost count of how many times I tried it and either backed out of the room quick or died, died, died.

I looked at this video walkthrough    and still could not get it.  

Anytime you leave the game or the basement the whole thing re-sets, so my virtual bodies were stacking like cordwood.   Needed a break.  Will keep trying till I get it.  I’m liking this game a lot.