Lord of the Rings Online: Into Lothlorien

I haven’t played this game much since re-installing, in part because I couldn’t choose which character to play.  My 60 Hunter or 41 Loremaster? 

The Hunter is ever my favorite and she was in Moria, I must have wanted to back up and complete things there before going back out into the larger world, because she could have been much further along in the world.

I decided to begin again in Lothlorien, and truthfully, this area is what made me stop playing.  I liked almost nothing about it, and was so disappointed in how Lothlorien was presented.  Not close to what I imagined from the books.  I think I can play through now and I won’t be so invested and care so much.

I had a terrible time finding my way out of Moria.  My travel goat got stuck somewhere in the middle and I had to log out and in then find my way through all of the goblins and orcs on foot.  Embarrassing, really, since I once knew the area so well.

Once out, I took time to choose a spec.  I didn’t spend as much time as I probably should have looking at the three choices. I went with Bowmaster, spent most but not all my points just in case.
It’s one thing going into a game with a low level character and not knowing how things will go, but when you go back after quite a while with a higher level character and everything in the world has changed, it seems so much trickier.

Finding some NPCs just ahead, I took all of the quests, then set off to fight ever more orcs.  My Bowmaster spec and skill choices served me well, because I fought much better outside Moria with the new spec in place that I had in Moria trying to find a way out.

I’ve more orcs to kill, but I set my character down in the safety of a tree.