Lord of the Rings Online: Forsaken Himbar

Himbar is in the northern part of Angmar.  As soon as I entered the area, I internally said “oh, oh, this place”.   Isn’t it interesting how years can go by, but certain places in certain worlds just have memories of trouble ahead, even if you can’t quite remember why.

Notable for a variety of evil Iron Crown and Duvardain, you need to wend your way through giant spiders with sharp pincer-like legs to get to the area.  In addition to the ones you can see and hope to avoid, there are innumerable stealthed spiders waiting to trip you up.   I remember thinking in the early days of the game that there must be someone on staff who knew how much some people hate spiders, and they strove to make ever bigger, scarier ones all of the time.

As if those weren’t enough, there are Morroval, horrible banshees that stalk you on thin, insectile legs, screeching in your face all the while. Unnerving to say the least.

Just a little south of Himbar is the nightmarish Imlad Balchorth, home of The Dead.

Let me say, I don’t mind The Dead.  Bring on the skellies, I say.   What I don’t like, are the Decaying Hands crawling around on the ground.   They hit a deep nerve with this one.  The Hands are actually pretty harmless, and easy to kill.  It’s that severed hand creeping relentlessly towards you that gets me.  The articulation is just right.  It doesn’t give up the chase easily.  On it creeps.

I’m level 45 coming into this area and everything is level 48 and 49.  I don’t feel like I should be able to handle them so easily, but I seem to be.  Swampie must be the answer.  I can even take on 50s and 51s, as long as they aren’t elites.   I can’t think of another game where I could be successful with things five levels over my head like this.  Fingers crossed my luck holds out.   Fingers attached to a hand and an arm, thanks.

I hope I’m out of this area soon.  And, just like that, I ran out of Angmar quests and am now in sunlit Eregion.