The Foaming Flask

I wandered the city a bit hoping a merchant or tavernkeeper might buy my loot.  I spoke with the denizens of The Foaming Flask then wandered around doing a bit more of the same.

Very clunky movement and interface tonight with a couple of freezes.  This put me IN A MOOD so when it began raining and the wind began howling I stopped by the little shack by the docks which is the first house you can buy.

Coming away from the shack I was approached by the unfortunately named First Mate Malvulis who warned me in no uncertain terms that I’d be in trouble if I went on her ship.

So, I did a most unusual thing, I ran and jumped on her ship like a yahoo and sure enough her gnarly crew followed me and made short work of me and my skellie.

A tad unfriendly.   I’ll avoid them once I get my snuggly shack.  I did not save with me dead.

Oblivion: Imperial City

I entered the Imperial City hoping to sell some stuff as I’m nearly overburdened.  Of course it was evening in the city and the shops are closed.

At least she won’t be attacked by wolves as she stands around the streets.
I looked to see how her skill increases are going and am doing pretty well but would like to improve Mysticism and a few other things. I’ll have to get in the habit of checking that.
No intro music tonight and controls and movement were very clunky.
A single freeze as I got stuck running into a wall.  I was able to bring up Task Manager in this case to stop the program whereas in previous freezes I’d get bounced out and needed to reboot.  FYI .