Rift: I Bought All The Rugs…And a Boat

I am now totally invested in Rift, and this isn’t just because I’m logging in daily and rotating characters.

I found myself working on decorating my Faen’s Retreat dimension after some Instant Adventuring last night.  I have the dimension for several characters and am having them all do their decorations a bit differently.

My Breach Chamber has the most furniture, so I thought to borrow some from that and spread it around.  Then I thought, I should make some.  However, lots of the dimension goods recipes require payment gotten from Daily Crafting Quests which I haven’t done in awhile, but now I’m ready to start so I can get all the recipes.

You know how it is, I was in the mood to decorate now, so I went over to the Auction House to see what was available.  You can see a preview of items in a pane on the right.  In the Large Items category there were two ships.  One was affordable so in the box it went.

Then the Household Goods category listed several rugs I didn’t own. 

Ever since SWG I have a fiendishness regarding rugs for my homes.  They really make things cozy.  I purchased a Long Tan Rug,  Worn Brown Rug, a Long Red Rug.  Put them in my homes, then went back to the Auction House and bought every rug that was for sale.

I found I could not only visit my Alts homes, I could drop things there without some extra permissions being given, so I put the various rugs down and hopped between the dimensions with ease, making everything snuggly.

The ship really is big, but it rested in the pond/small lake of Faen’s Retreat and I wonder if I should turn it sideways, and if I can decorate the boat too.

There I was, thinking my homes were shaping up nicely, when wondered if I couldn’t get the Breach Chamber for another character.  I couldn’t recall how I got it, and didn’t see it on the list from the Dimension Engineer who sells these things  (it turns out if you already own a dimension it won’t show up on the list of dimensions that can be purchased).

Searching, I found the site Rift Dimension Gallery, and wow, I have a long long way to go in my decorating.   The site is up to date and the homes and dimensions are spectacular.   There are some wildly creative people out in the cyberverse, making things beautiful.