Rift Instant Adventures

Just tabbed out getting this is under the wire for today’s post…Instant Adventure equals I’m an Instant idiot.  Criminy.  More later.  This counts as a post, needer.

Well well.  From level 10 to the desired level 16 in just an hour or two.  I had no clue going in what to expect.

What you get is a map of the area you’re already working in, only it is an instance.  People come and go.  You pick up individual quests and there are group quests throughout the area that repeat.

The first few groups were really not working together in any way and I couldn’t tell if that was normal or not. As time went on the people coming in were better and better and helped each other, and moved toward common goals together.

After awhile  there seemed to be more rifts opening up closer together.  Chaos is what it was.

At a couple points the quests turned everyone into a dog.  Mine had a ribbon so you could tell she was a girl.

instant dog

Back to Guild Wars 2 for a few levels.