November Game Goals

 IntPiPoMo 2018

Let’s start off with trying for 50 screenshots as part of the 2018 IntPiPoMo hosted by Gamer Girl Confessions.

Instead of daily posts, you try for 25 or 50 screenshots in your posts over the course of the month.   I’ve done it before, and it is fun and doable.

This time, I’ll be wise and note at the end of my posts how many screenshots are included so it’s easier to count at the end.

My game focus remains the same this month as last, playing through Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft

1. Get everyone through to Friendly with Stormsong, then over to Tiragarde (where I’m already at friendly on all the characters I’m working with).

2.   Finish Tiragarde with all, then into Drustvar.

Elder Scrolls Online

After pondering for a least a month the pros and cons, I picked up a subscription to Elder Scrolls Online earlier this month.

As a crafter, treasure hunter, and hoarder of all interesting things, it’s a game changer.   Instantly more Bank Space, Instantly a bottomless Crafting bag so you can pick up every single thing you see in the open world, in caves, in seemingly abandoned homes.

I knew I’d get Murkmire when it came out, but I also instantly have Orsninium, Clockwork City, and any other DLC content for as long as I’m subscribed.

My characters are a bit low to go to these newer places, even with the leveling of the world adjusting to your level.  

I sent my Templar, who was level 12 (?) at the time to Wrothgar.   She could do a delve, she could do a couple of introductory quests, but then ran into a boss type early in the quest chain with adds she had no hope of defeating.

These bosses are one of the things that made me reluctant to subscribe, because you get them almost as soon as you leave the starter areas.   Just boom, boom, and you’re dead.   Do not talk to me about Clannfear, who jump on you, knock you down so you can’t get up, then whap whap with their tail and you’re dead.   That said, my fighting skills are improving.

Worm doesn’t begin to say!   Death to Mannimarco, someday.

Ha actually got the General with the help of npcs.

While I decided to just move ahead with other quests and leave those open till I was better geared, relatively quickly you’ve got a quest log full of those stinkers.

I have made good progress since I’ve been playing quite a bit, and my gear is better.  I’ve learned the value of a loaf of Crusty Bread.

I can open Treasure Chests with my ace Lock Picking skills at last!


1. Everyone to level 20.

2. My Argonian to Murkmire, because I think she deserves to be there first.

3.   Go back and trounce those POS bosses who have trounced me, oh so many times.

4.   Make progress on the Main Quest, even though I secretly despise the Prophet and hate being called Vestige.

IntPiPoMo Count for this post:  seven screenshots.