IntPiPoMo #12 Oddworld Munch’s Odyssey (iOS)

While I wait for Steam to finally update Fallout 4, I have brand new to iOS Oddworld Munch’s Odyssey. I’ve only watched my son play the Oddworld games but they seemed so sweet I snapped it up.

The introductory movie seemed a little murky but in game graphics are sharp.
There are big signs all around the caves (yay, caves!) telling you how to interact with objects and how to jump, but I could see no way to move the character.  Pretty frustrating.  While rotating the view of the room to see if I was missing something, I accidentally pressed the screen and lo, a big white control dot to move. 

As with many ports that use this sort of control, it’s a little awkward.  
But my character is soooo cute. Off he goes.

IntPiPoMo #11 Could Not Connect To The Steam Network

These “screenshots” count towards my total, so sayeth I.

Retry zilch
Reboot zilch
Begin in Offline Mode No You Cant!
Tried opening and closing the disk tray, got this hopeful screen

It was not fooled.  Back to desktop.  Looking wistfully at this:

Might be the Windows Updates from today, might be the Wasteland isn’t ready for me 😦

Still and all I count this as THREE screenies towards the IntPiPoMo goal.  I’m still afloat!

IntPiPoMo #10 Waking Mars

Early in my gaming life I played a fair amount of platformers which took place in caves or caves on other worlds.  Typically, my little heroine explored level after level of hostile aliens and won the day.

In Waking Mars, you’re following the path of an earlier probe. You walk and jet pack your way quickly into the depths.  A crew mate and an AI help guide you and suggest ways to use the flora in the caves to advance.

There are no aliens so far, just varied plant life who can be used to remove barriers, create mini ecosystems, encourage growth of new plants.

I find it interesting that you have a health bar, as it seems this is an ecological puzzler.  If you fall or a stalactite drops on you, you lose health.  I suppose further along in the caves there may be gaseous plants or who knows what peril.

IntPiPoMo #9 Dynamite Jack (iOS)

My scheduled auto posts worked so well, but now I have to post for real.  My computer and I are still not on friendly terms this week, so the delights of my iPad game collection continue to thrill.

Dynamite Jack is a wee little stealth game.  You try to make a run to new parts of the map without really being able to see the way ahead.
Ruthless little bad guys with flashlights patrol the way ahead.  If you are caught in even a teeny bit of light, they gun you down.  
Sometimes it turns out there is a barrier you can blow through with your trusty Dynamite!  You set the fuse and run back before the kaboom!
There’s strategy and you need to be good at timing your moves.  Maybe at the very end you get to blow all of the annoying suckers up.  Go, Jack, go.

Drawing the path worked best for me.

This is your clue that you’ve died.

IntPiPoMo #6 Machinarium (iOS)

Machinarium’s happy little robot makes his way through the world classically finding and combining objects and interacting with the landscape.

Here, I need to find a way to lower the bridge. There’s a grumpy little guy in the shack who is no help at all.  I’ve climbed the little spiky ladder and got an object which isn’t helping my situation yet.  Clearly I haven’t tried every single thing yet or I’d be over the bridge.

IntPiPoMo #5 Shadowmatic (iOS)

I might as well give you a tour of my iPad games, for these picture posts.  I’m always watching for iOS versions of old games I’ve liked, nicely updated, with generally sharper than the original graphics.

I sometimes like puzzle games that have good plots.  I finally finished Monument Valley, an interesting puzzle in three dimensions.
Shadowmatic is promoted to appeal to those who enjoyed Monument Valley.  You have a wall with a flashlight sized lit area and an object which floats in space.  As you turn the object, it makes a shadow on the wall.
You need to make a particular shape in each puzzle.  It’s a soothing, entertaining puzzler.

IntPiPoMo #4 Gratuitous Star Wars Galaxies Post

This is from the NGE era of Galaxies.  I think of what a spectacular job the emuski crew do of presenting the old world, so very much bug free, no really bizarre things such as cropped up in the NGE.

Things were not smooth in the NGE for crafting characters. Lairs would spawn in your shop/house door way, or you could return to your home to find it inexplicably buried, like this.  So annoying!

IntPiPoMo #3 Alan Wake and His Axe Murderer Pal

You will recall that Alan got in a car accident, then hallucinated (surely) a guy with an axe, zooming up to him, saying you don’t know who I am, do you?  Then going whack whack with an axe.

We have all have our scary weaknesses. Axe murderers appear to be on my list.  Can’t tolerate them!  Nonetheless I present this shot of poor hapless Alan not sprinting for the lighthouse, but standing right up to Mr Axe Murderer.  I’m going to make it to that lighthouse, I really am.

IntPiPoMo #2 Deus Ex Human Revolution

A friend used to say something like “recording a tv show means never having to watch it” meaning it is just there, no pressure, whenever.  Single player games can be that way too.  If you’re stopped by a boss or puzzle or sequence you just can’t get past, you can go back to it any old time and nobody knows you’ve been failing epically unless you post screenshots.

I actually got farther than this in Deus Ex.  There’s a room with a bunch of bad guys and crates. I of course was the dead one.  My husband goes in, clears the room like no problem, but doesn’t save, so, consider me still dead, but planning to go back in now that I’m reminded how cool the game is.  I need to take it slow, don’t panic.  Point, shoot, don’t die.