Screenshot Saturday What’s In Your Bag?

You can have a full inventory in a game you play all the time because you just don’t want to get rid of anything. 

On the other hand, even a little played character can get an inventory load of things they have no clue about because they haven’t played for awhile, or the because the game keeps filling their bag with “gifts”.

My Galaxies Ranger’s Bag

There are mostly Rangery things in her bag. Traps, materials to make traps, mind and harvesting enhancements.  Tents.   Loot wise, she has a few things she normally wouldn’t pick up from Creatures: Ithorian Pants and the odd pistol or low level rifle, looted from Imperial NPCs.  Galaxies has a generous basic bag that holds 80 items, with an equipped backpack giving another 50 spaces.

My LOTRO Hunter’s Bags

LOTRO may be the worst for giving out presents galore.  You hardly dare open them.  More than anything, they seem filled with Fireworks.  It would be ok if you could shoot a few off and say “that was nice”.   The don’t go away though.  They’re Forever Fireworks.   She keeps looting all these scrolls and recipes I think my other characters can use.   If I were playing this regularly I’d have my crafting up, and would have a better idea of what everyone needed.  As it is, I can’t let go of a thing.   Good thing I have that ginormous Bag 1 via the LOTRO store.

Wildstar Rogue Type Character

She’s my highest level before the boosted character, but it looks like she’s keeping a reasonable bag.  I noticed a bag sort feature, so I put these in alphabetical order.   Look at that adorable lamp I can put in my house if I find the dang house.

Secret World Legends Templar

A puny 35 item bag, filled currently with the little yellow thingies I can’t figure out how to use.  I was just getting comfortable with the old version of the game’s craft system, but the new one really needs to be worked on by me before this loads up the rest of the way.

Everquest 2 Fury

Once again foods and crafting items are overwhelming the bag.   I can’t let go of a single thing.

Guild Wars 2

Only 40 slots in her bag and you can’t see them all at once.   Lots of boosters and gifts hogging space.   I love that you can toss from afar crafting ingredients into a shared bank space.