What I’m Doing Whilst I Wait for Draenor

 I’ve seen a couple of posts this week on what to do while waiting for Draenor’s release.


I found that when my Druid and Warlock and Mage first got to Draenor  (in Beta) they were getting whomped.  I managed to work with my Druid using Pandaria level potions and scrolls, but they really don’t cut it.  I won’t mention here the many problems over the course of the beta I had trying to make Rejuvenation Potions.  I finally gave up and bought potions from the Big Guy in Stormwind.

He won’t be there obviously in the live game. 

I’ve been working on my Cooking Skills and my Pandaria Farms on all my 90 characters.  ( I play on two servers and have three 90s on each. By launch I’ll have another for each server).

I’m stocking the guild banks with all the potions and flasks and scrolls and foods I can to help everyone get started.

As you know, I’m a bozo from Bozo Town, so I don’t pay much attention to armor and item levels unless my ILevel keeps me from getting in a dungeon.

Now I see that I really need to up my levels in order to play through successfully. 

Doing the Iron Horde Quest with your 90 is a good way to get a few nice pieces of armor that will give you a considerable boost.

Off I went to the Timeless Isle next. 

There are Mossy Chests tucked in by trees and boulders all over the island that give Timeless Coins (for you to buy stuff that will help you but I’m saving for the Mount) and Item Level 496 gear for your spec.  Some of the drops are for other specs but you can send them to any character on your account who can use them.  There are other chests in dangerous locations that give more gear.  Some animals drop gear.

There are a couple of bizzaro platform jumping places for you to get even more treasure.  I just found this spot, and I fell leaping for the first pillar here…

My strategy since my characters are all around 440 at best going in has been to slink around the island getting as many chests as possible.  When my Item Level is at 480+ I find I can start killing the Elite Turtles on the beach for coinage.

The next place to go is the (vomitous) Isle of Thunder.  It is one scenario after another.  I did solo scenarios but maybe you can go in as a group?  I dunno.  My Mage got pounded up one side and down another.  She is feeling reluctant to go back.

I sent my Warlock in last night. She is at 497 and it was a walk in the park for her.  I could not believe the difference in her experience. 

Get as close to 500 as you can before heading over.  I haven’t gotten anything from these but 11 gold for each completion.  Pretty scummy, even though it’s easy for this character.

I have a Death Knight and two Paladins working their way through Pandaria.  They should be ready to rumble by November 13.