July Game Goals and Monthly Wrapup

July Game Goals

I tried for what I thought were modest game goals for July to see how it went: 

World of Warcraft

On Blackwater Raiders:

Gear up the Fabulous Seven in preparation for BFA.  Thanks to the Darkshore World Quests, yes on this one.  The biggest gain came for my newbie 110 Demon Hunter who went from item level 162 to 191.  She is so ready.

Move Death Knight, Monk to level 110.   Nope.

Get Shaman, Hunter, Warrior to level 100 and to the Broken Isles.   Nope.

Tidy up quest logs.   Pretty much.

Lord of The Rings Online

Try to work the Burglar all the way through the Lonelands, finally.   Nope. I even missed Weathertop because I was playing on a different server with my current favorite, a Hunter.  She went from level 14 (where she has sat since the game went live) to level 16.  Smokin’ her way through Middle Earth!

Do the unthinkable and buy bank space because, she is the also the cook, and all these tasty treats are filling her bags, that I’d like to just store away.   I turned out to have like 41000 Turbine Points so I got Moria, and I thought I was buying Shared Storage too. It turns out they let me buy a couple of slots of shared storage, and the rest was being added as bag space for all characters.  They have the most enormous bags ever.   Gack, I could have bought more.

Get that poor Warden out of the starter area.  Nope. Alas, she remains imprisoned.

Wrap up 

I’m ready for Blaugust.  I have four posts written and scheduled.  My calendar is filled in with post topics for all but six days.

Just gearing up for Blaugust has given me the inspiration to write more.  I think I’ve doubled what my post count was at the beginning of the month, in total for the year.    I’m going to make that goal of 100 posts for 2018.

Discord wasn’t as scary as I thought.  Somehow I thought it was all voice, and you do not want to put me in front of a microphone.   I’m super impressed by how many people are on there, and how many are signed up  to take part.

I spent most of my time playing World of Warcraft this month.   New characters, old characters.

See you on the other side!