EQ Next

There is so much interesting information to absorb about EQ Next that I’ll just need to devote some time to looking over the information that has been released.

My overall impression is that the game is going to be a ton of fun, and as I’d hoped they’re bringing in some elements from their other games such as NO LEVELs and the ability to gain skills as you wish, mixing and matching in a wild variety of combinations.  That really adds to the game and your ability to make your character suit the way you play.

Releasing their Landmark system this winter will give people a peek at how the game is put together and gives players the ability to create things that may become a part of the permanent world.  Using some of the same tools the developers are using, players can create potentially amazing things that they can imagine that perhaps no one else would.  And it can be shared with everyone.

Everyone is saying it is Minecraft 102, but really they’re giving players the ability to add  “mods” to the game as you’ve been able to do in games like Neverwinter and Oblivion forever.  Pulling concepts like that from other types of games and not just looking at what has been done in an MMO is just cool.  Someone needed to make the leap.