GameNotes July 30, 2019

Our daily posts shift starting today to a once a week GameNotes regularly scheduled post on Tuesdays, which should be crammed with all things game-y.  While it has been fun writing a post a day as a personal challenge, once a week is more realistic, and better than the one post a month I had been squeaking out for awhile.

Later in August, I do plan a World of Warcraft Classic Diaries series wherein I’ll follow one Alliance and one Horde character on their adventures while they level from 1-20.

They will be each a different class, and no, I won’t really do healers.  I will pick the classes in advance so I can read up in all the Wow Classic Class guides that are coming out, how to best play those characters in Classic.  I want them both to be the best they can be.

Thanks for hanging in there with me this month, may your adventures in imaginary lands be wonderful.