Wow Atherne Ascending

Tonight I got Good Suramaritan and Loremaster of Legion with my Druid.   Just need Broken Isles Diplomat  (At Honored with everyone except the Wardens) and 50 more unique World Quests and see me and all my girls fly.  🙂   🙂

Last night I spent a lot of time on Argus.   My hope was to get some gear upgrades, but zero so far.  I have one story set to complete there.  The story line is appealing, and there are some puzzles, lots of variety.

My armor level is stuck at 883.  I’m just not finding better stuff than I have.  Tonight I did a few Heroic dungeons but they’re 870.  Hmmpf.   I like the dungeons though, but must find another way.

Someone suggested LFR.   Hmmm.   I really have to take a look at those before I’d want to go in, but if it’s the only way, in I go.

Time to drop down to some of my other characters.