Liebstered: I Wouldn’t Read This If I Were You

I’ve seen the Liebster’s making the blog rounds and thought I was safe here in my corner of the virtual universe.  Time and tide wait for no bozo.

The wondrous Ravalation is passing the baton, so who am I to be an ungracious rotter, we ask?

11 Random Things About Me You Wish You Didn’t Know!

I’m the only green eyed child in a family of eight otherwise blue eyed children.

I can’t type, which makes every post I write take forever.  To make things worse, my mind speeds ahead of my fingers and if you see my posts with sentences that don’t quite add up, it is because I didn’t see the problem right off, but I always go back and edit.

I’ve become addicted to Bubblegum.  So odd.

I enjoy creating things even though I have zero artistic talent. 

I love digging in the dirt though I’m horrified by bugs.  I have been known to toss large beetles over the fence into my neighbor’s yard. Bad dog.

For a long time I liked dogs better than cats. Now I love them equally.

I read science fiction, fantasy, horror, mysteries.

After many years of wanting to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons, I got a chance at it and oops, it was too mathematical for me.

I have the best gaming PC in the house. Ha ha.

Someday I would like to go to either Gencon or Pax Prime.

I was always disappointed that Lord of the Rings Online didn’t have their own mini-convention somewhere.
Ravalation’s Pointy Questions and My Pointy Answers


·         What made you decide to start blogging?  I think I hoped to have virtual conversations with other people who liked games, since in real life, I didn’t know a soul who played.
·         How did your blogging pseudonym come into being?  If I may use the word, it is a bastardization of the real character name I wanted to use and didn’t get on Blackwater Raiders.
·         What makes you feel happy about a blog post you’ve written?  I’m happy if I like the way it is written, and if I think it is funny, better yet.
·         What skills do you admire in other bloggers that you wish you had yourself?  I think that those who can be more precise in their writing than I am, are most admirable.
·         What is the strangest thing that ever happened to you in an MMO? And what moment will you never forget?  Perhaps becoming a mayor of a city in Star Wars Galaxies and having people I had never heard of before calling on me and sort of feeling out where I fit into the power structure of the server.  Wut? Power? Is that why we’re here?  Sillies.  On the plus side, our town architect made statues of myself and some other “prominent” citizens and it was fun to put those up.
·         On a scale from 1 to 10, how do you rate Mountain Dew?  Zero. Way gross.
·         Have you ever felt being treated differently in-game because of your gender?  When I play people assume I’m a guy.  However, in Lord of the Rings Online and Warhammer, there was Voice and Ventrilo and there would be dead silence for a moment as they realized I was not a guy.  Then it’s all ohh ahh, such a different tone.  Awkward.
·         Did you ever delete a character? And if so: is it tough for you to do so?   I do delete characters, and I should do it more.  I often see my as yet unplayed characters as “waiting in the wings” for their chance to show what they can do.
·         Do you identify as a gamer? And if you do: when did you start doing so? Did any game or games have a particularly big influence on that?   I am a gamer if anyone ever was J  Board games, card games, tic tac toe, online games, single player, you name it, I love to play.
·         What’s the greatest TV series of all time and why is it Firefly?   Sorry, I’ve seen the Firefly Movie but not the series.  I could not get Nathan Fillion’s nasty preacher character from Buffy out of my head for a very long time.  Creepy.  At this time The Walking Dead is on top of my list.
·         And last but not least: Aragorn or Legolas?   Aragorn!  I have a life sized Standee of him.

11 Nosy Gamer Questions For You To Ponder
Should a game let you have a character slot for every class in the game?
If you purchase items from in game stores, what sorts of things do you buy?
Do you prefer ranged or melee combat?
In a Dungeon Pick Up Group, what does it take to make you leave the group?  Do you say anything before you go or just drop out?
How do you feel about quest lines that are solable till the end of the chain, then you must group for the last part?
If you play World of Warcraft and PvP, why do you think the Horde wins the day most frequently?  Or do you find the Alliance prevails?
Have you been a guild leader in an MMO? If so, what was the single biggest challenge?
Do you prefer that a game come right out and says of their factions that one is Evil and one is Good or do you prefer to decide that for yourself?
If you have played a class in a game that has a pet that fights with you/for you, which pet has been your favorite?
Suggest a Science Fictional universe from books or film that would be a great MMO setting.
If you have used game editing toolkits for games such as those that came with Morrowind or even something like Landmark, does getting down to the very pixelated basics of creating a world change how you see the world ever after? 

I think from my blogroll everyone in the bloggerverse has been given the award and even now they sit polishing it, cherishing it.   Let’s reach for the sky and not look back!  My heroes 🙂