Lord of The Rings Online: Where Upgrading Character Models Is An Upgrade

I have an Atheren Hunter character in Lord of the Rings Online.  She was created the day the game went live, but is still only level 14, so has clearly not gotten any play time.   Ha ha, the name is mine, though.

She was pretty clunky looking, sort of an awful blockhead I considered deleting now and then, but I didn’t want to lose the name.

Blockhead Atheren

Updated Atheren


If you can imagine, because I got in so fast and early, I have a Captain named Kate, a bow to Captain Kate of Star Trek Voyager.   I don’t know the class at all, and she’s only level 7 and in Archet, so she’ll need some work.

There’s a level 8 Loremaster as well with a name I used in beta.

I feel like playing these characters right now instead of my Landroval characters with their overfull banks and inventories, and some with the awful -1 in front of their names because they had to move from Meneldor, where they also had their names on the very first day.  It bugs me every time I see them, truthfully.

These characters are established, yet shiny and new.  There are only three of them, chat in the server seems nice.   I think these will get some time in the spotlight for awhile.

LOTRO Logging…

Well, since it was all updated and ready to go, I did a few quests with my Burglar in the Lonelands.  I like the Burglar character who can handle herself well.  For me, this means no long fights, no deaths.

The Lonelands is one of my favorite areas, I love the quests, the story, the music.

The new character models are great on the Elves and Hobbits, but the humans are all bug-eyed and look like they’re being goosed.

Here’s my Minstrel, looking nothing like her former self.   How did she get that red/brown hair?  It was always blond.   Weird.

Luckily  she was in Bree so I sent her to the barbershop.  Now she looks good.  No Pop-Eyes.  She looks like a woman with a tale to tell.

I sent all my humans to Bree’s barbershop.   Much better. 

One, a new Warden, is still in the beginner area, so I’ll need to work her way though.  I haven’t played a Warden since they were introduced, so the class is a challenge.  I no longer understand the Gambits at all, but I’ll research them, and get her out of the starter area and off to Bree.   She also has the zombie thing going.